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Client Profile: European Family Office

Objective: Interest in building exposure to US private equity funds

Status: Existing alternative investments in Europe but smaller exposure in the US. Investment team located in Europe.


  • Development of investment program with contribution/funding levels
  • Structuring of investment vehicle
  • Establishment of monitoring and reporting process
  • Identification and due diligence of potential investments
  • Investment documentation
  • Active oversight (e.g. through Advisory Board participation)

Client Profile: Financial Institution 

Objective: Oversight and reduction of existing portfolio of third-party funds and direct investments.

Status: Existing portfolio with funded component. Limited staff resources. Investments are considered non-strategic going forward.


  • Evaluation of the existing portfolio
  • Independent valuation of underlying investments
  • Monitoring
  • Development of strategies to maximize return on existing investments
  • Reduction of funded commitment levels
  • Planning and execution of secondary transactions

Client Profile: Financial Institution

Objective: Sponsor a new management team while providing the anchor investment in a new private equity fund.

Status: New emerging team identified. Considering a significant investment. Looking for sponsorship benefits.


  • Due diligence of the new fund team, its track record and deal flow
  • Assistance in negotiating the terms of sponsorship, e.g. carry split
  • Fund structuring and documentation
  • Assessment of fund placement strategy and execution
  • Identification of like-minded potential investors in the fund

Client Profile: Family Office

Objective: Increase funded private equity commitments

Status: High hedge fund/liquid investment exposure to be reduced while increasing the private equity allocation. Own investment team more experienced in liquid investments but has limited availability of resources in private equity


  • Review and adjustment of existing investment program
  • Development of secondary acquisition strategy and program
  • Development of co-investment program
  • Assistance in planning and recruitment of qualified staff

Client: Family Office

Objective: Review and sale of underperforming investment

Status: Direct investment needs active oversight through transition process. Subsequent sale desirable


  • Review of existing investment
  • Identification of interim remedial steps leading to stabilization
  • Recruitment of new management team to implement the strategy
  • Development of value-maximization strategy
  • Assistance in the execution of the divestiture process

Client: Corporation

Objective: Assessment of divestiture options and development of disposal strategy

Status: Existing corporate venture direct investment portfolio primarily consisting of minority stakes. No longer of strategic importance.


  • Independent valuation
  • Review and development of disposal strategy
  • Process recommendation and implementation